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susy group1Suzy Niedermair  

Veteran Pet Sitter – 23 Years Professional Experience

Silver Spring, MD and surrounding areas

Paws to Heart Pet Care provides pet sitting for cats and other small companion animals. With our customized services your pets have the luxury of getting to stay in their home where they are the center of attention. Suzy has 23  years experience providing professional pet care services in Silver Spring-Calverton and surrounding areas.

Our variety of services allows your pets to stay in their familiar environment with all of the sights, sounds and comforts of home!                                

Paws To Heart Pet Care offers

Pet Sitting      Please note :  We are currently unable to accept new dog clients.

In-home pet sitting is great for long day trips, business travel or vacations. We provide feeding, fresh water, litter box scooping, cage cleaning, play time, and plenty of love and attention, no matter how long you are away.

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Cats need attention too! Through our cat care services we can offer specific loving attention to your cats and kittens while you are away giving you the peace of mind that they are happy and comfortable.

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As animal lovers, we don’t stop at cats. We can provide affectionate care for your rabbits, ferrets, birds, and other small and exotic animals. Whether it’s birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, or other companion animals, they all desire loving care and attention while you’re away. Suzy has experience and training to care for all types of animals to provide them with the and all-around care that they need.